Body Massage

To specifically target muscle fatigue, to ease tension, aches and muscle pains, deeply relaxing and soothing.

30 minute session
(20 minutes massage time)
One hour session
(50 minutes massage time)

Hot-Stone Treatment

The energies of Stone Massage are known to promote a harmonising and cleansing effect, thus allowing for a meditative state of quietude and calm.

Back, neck & shoulders
(45 minutes)


By manipulating and applying pressure to certain parts of the feet, the whole body can be 're-tuned' and brought back into balance.

One treatment - 1 hour
A course of six treatments
(Save £39.00)

Perfector non-surgical face lift

Micro current therapy offers the first real alternative to cosmetic surgery.

Face lifting - 1 hour
12 x 1 hour sessions
(save £108.00)